The communication and security functions of the building are safeguarded by:

  • Two completaly independent optical connections,
  • Fittings prepared for the attachment of satellite antennas onto the building,
  • Electronic security system,
  • CCTV system,
  • Electronic fire system,
  • Electronic card access system.

The services in the entire complex are safeguarded by the developer at the developer’s own efforts, which guarantees their highest quality and stability.

They primarily include:

  • Showcase central reception with an area of over 400 m2,
  • 24-hour reception service,
  • 24-hour security service,
  • Extensive park in closed courtyard with many separate relaxation zones and water features,
  • Coffee shop Company with an outside seating,
  • wholesome diet restaurant with an outside seating,
  • Pizza place Tusto with an outside seating and tank-beer,
  • fresh bakery products from Crocus Baker´s,
  • mail room at the Reception desk,
  • bank services,
  • cash machines on the ground floor,
  • art gallery,
  • express florist´s,
  • management of the complex with its manager on site,
  • wholly barrier-free building,