Titanium is the most modern complex of administrative buildings forming a top class working environment together with a pleasant relaxation area with a touch of nature in the heart of Brno. Together with its excellent connection to the highway and convenient parking it represents the fulfilment of the most demanding requirements.

  • total area of 20,000 m2
  • 43,000 m2 of office space
  • 5,000 m2 of retail space
  • more than 400 parking places

The first phase - Titanium phase I - was finished in 2013. It consists of two separate buildings. Building 1A is situated in Nové Sady street, building 1B is situated in the interior block. The interior block which links these two buildings together represents an open-space parking and relaxation zone with a designed swimming pool and water fountains in the area of 3,000 m2. On the first floors of both buildings there is retail space with all-glass windows leading into Nové Sady street, on the higher floors (2nd to 7th) there is office space. On the first underground floor there are not only parking places which are at the residents´ disposal, but also separate space set aside exclusively for the visitors to the complex. The exceptionality of the project lies in its thorough orientation on convenience, comfort and satisfaction of the complex users. The basis of services designed in this way is providing services with a manager. All service for the users is ensured by the manager of the centre, who is permanently present in the complex, in a very personal approach. His constant attitude and immediate reactions to the users´ wishes create unusual comfort of a hotel type.

Working in this complex is a real pleasure.